drupa next age -- drupa - 2028 - Messe Düsseldorf

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Experience the future of the print industry: young talents and start-ups present innovative technologies

EFI | The Importance of Sustainability and the Accurate Life Cycle Assessments as Part of Extended Producer Responsibility

iQIP | Printbuyer REWE Group gives an insight view of their print quality monitoring

XMPie | The future of personalization has never been this lively!

ENLYZE | How digitalization, sustainability and profitability go hand in hand

GMG| Is Multicolor changing the whole industry?

Koenig & Bauer | Connect Packaging

drupa dna Deep Dive

Utraxx | Urs Vogel

The Flexo Company | Alessandro Agnoletto

iQIP | Stefan Spengler

Four Pees | Tom Peire

EFI | Kerry Sanders

XMPIE | Philip Gaskin and Ayelet Szabo-Melamed

Aurigma | Dmitry Sevostyanov

Koenig & Bauer | Sandra Wagner

MASSIVIT | Erez Zimerman

Ventum Print | Julia Petrova

Tampa Printer | William Crabtree

eProductivity Software | Nick Benkovich

Carbonquota | Dominic Harris

GoMake | Aous Mansour

IC Educators | Anastasios Politis

IC Educators | Gunter Huebner

Dr. Samir Husni




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Partners of drupa next age

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